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Cognitive Computing Healthcare and Medical Technology

At ProsumerSoft, we focus on the design and development of Cognitive Computing integrated Healthcare and Medical Technology:

  • Health Information Technology - HealthIT / HIT
  • Health Technology - HealthTech
  • Medical Technology - MedTech
  • Mobile Health Technology - mHealth
  • Wearable Health Technology - Wearables
  • Medical Imaging Technology
  • Medical Research Technology

Cognitive Computing vs. Artificial Intelligence

While Artificial Intelligence’s basic use case is to implement the best algorithm to solve a problem, Cognitive Computing goes a step beyond and tries to mimic human intelligence and wisdom by analyzing a series of factors. When compared with Artificial Intelligence - AI, Cognitive Computing is an entirely different concept.

Cognitive Computing learns and imitates the human thought process

Unlike Artificial Intelligence - AI systems that just takes care of a given problem, Cognitive Computing learns by studying patterns and suggests humans take relevant action based on its understanding. In the case of Artificial Intelligence - AI, the system takes full control of a process and takes steps to complete a task or avoid a scenario by using a Pre-Defined Algorithm.

While in comparison, Cognitive Computing is a different field altogether where it serves as an assistant instead of the one completing the task. In this way, Cognitive Computing gives humans the power of faster and more accurate data analysis without having to worry about the wrong decisions taken by the machine learning system.

Cognitive Computing doesn’t throw humans out of the picture

As discussed above, Cognitive Computing’s main aim is to assist humans in decision making. This endows humans with superior grade precision in analysis while ensuring everything is in their control. To illustrate, let’s take the example of Artificial Intelligence - AI in the Healthcare system. An Artificial Intelligence - AI-backed system would make all decision regarding treatment without consultation with a human Medical Doctor, while Cognitive Computing would supplement the human diagnosis with its own set of data and analysis which helps in improves the quality of decision and adds a human touch to critical processes.

Cognitive Computing Healthcare and Medical Technology

ProsumerSoft works with the HubMedX Technology Research and Development - R&D division.

HubMedX is a Technology Research and Development - R&D division of HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket") that focuses on designing and developing Medical Imaging Technology that is integrated with:

  • Artificial Intelligence - AI
  • Machine Learning - ML
  • Deep Learning - DL
  • Algorithms and Models

ProsumerSoft is the Cognitive Computing Research and Development - R&D division in HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket").

ProsumerSoft focuses on the design and development of Cognitive Computing applications and systems for Healthcare providers and Medical research organizations.