ProsumerSoft is a Technology Research and Development - R&D division in HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket").

ProsumerSoft focuses on the design and development of Cognitive Computing applications and systems for:

  • Healthcare providers
  • Medical research organizations




  • VonVictor Valentino Rosenchild is also the Founder, Chairman, President, and CEO of HubBucket Inc ("HubBucket").
  • HubBucket is an African American ("Minority") founded and owned corporation.
  • HubBucket is a U.S. Military Veteran ("Veteran") founded and owned corporation.
  • HubBucket is a Self-Funded / Bootstrapped corporation.
  • HubBucket is a Privately-Held corporation.
  • HubBucket is located in New York City ("NYC"); in the United States of America ("USA").

Corporate Contact Information:

HubBucket Inc.
287 Decatur Street | Suite #2
Brooklyn, New York, 11233 (USA)

Business Phone: +1 347-362-9559
General Email: info@hubbucket.xyz
Legal Email: legal@hubbucket.xyz